Health & Beauty Go Hand in Hand

RioBabe was conceived with the dynamic woman in mind, like you! Our products were passionately crafted to help you feel more beautiful from the inside out. With powerful all-natural ingredients combined to create products that provide essential vitamins for healthy hair & skin, RioBabe is more than just another beauty product, it’s a new way of living.

World's 1st beauty Flower hair and skin beauty gummy vitamins

American Made,
Brazilian Inspired

RioBabe is more than just a beauty brand! It's a lifestyle for people who believe true beauty is not only something our eyes can see but actually a state of mind. We know natural is beautiful, so we create products meant to enhance your natural beauty!

The RioBabe Journey

At RioBabe, we strive to deliver the best products using all-natural ingredients. We searched all over the world for the highest-quality natural ingredients and found them in Brazil, a country rich for its biodiversity and advancements in the cosmetics industry. From Rio de Janeiro to the Amazon rainforest, our Brazilian-sourced natural ingredients are high in antioxidants and essential vitamins. RioBabe has created a symphony, combining nutrient-rich ingredients with the magic of Brazil, resulting in an extraordinary line of products that are designed for you.

We love all hair types, women of all shapes, sizes and cultures.


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